Another year, another PPAI Expo. We’ve chugged some Emergen-C, we’ve propped up our swollen feet, and we’ve gotten back to what we do best – blogging about our favorite products! One of the best parts of The PPAI Expo is getting to walk around and discover the trendiest products suppliers have brought to the show. And this year did not disappoint. As we walked the show floor, it was clear that everyone had brought their A-game. Below are our fourteen favorite products from The PPAI Expo – because ten just wasn’t enough.

Videos are marketing departments’ all-stars and it’s no secret that the use of video in content is on the rise and not a tactic that should be taken lightly. These super trendy video cards from Giraffe Technology can make a potentially HUGE statement. Buttons, memory, material, and power adapter are all options that you can tailor to your specific needs. The HD screen is a unique viewing experience that makes your company memorable. How fun would these be for a new product reveal, an event invitation, a realtor, or a spa to list their services?

Do you remember when you were a kid and your dad would ask you to wash his car? It was the worst possible chore. You’d juggle with a bulky bucket of soap and water, and end up soaking yourself trying to get your hose to spray with more force than its usual drizzle. It’s no wonder that we ended up looking like the beginning of an infomercial.